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The Affiliate System of 123 Flash Chat is Available Now!

Date: Sep 24, 2008

You're invited to partner with 123 Flash Chat - the leading software in chat server field. The affiliate system contains almost all service of 123 Flash Chat, and there is no cost or obligation when you signing up.

Make money

As a 123 Flash Chat affiliate, you can earn commission equals to 20% of them customer's original license fee, and premium equals to 10% of the module fee, and 5% of the chat hosting (if any) recurring revenue for the life of the account! What's more, the ratio will rise if you sell well.

Technological Palladium

Our proprietary tracking software uses two technologies (cookies and query strings with session IDs) to accurately tell us when a sale is referred from your web site, So if you refer someone who leaves our web site and comes back later (up to a year later) to make the payment, you will still get full credit and we will pay you.

Know the score

The Affiliates monthly report and newsletter will keep you up to date on the traffic & customer you referred, our new releases, special promotions, etc.

Enhance your website

You may apply designed marketing materials for use on site, in email, and in online promotions.

What's even better is that you can get free special chat-room shown on your site in a short time.

So, Why Not sign up now?

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