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Cost Effective Chat Software

If you google a chat software online you might be perplexed by the hodge-podge of searched results, live chat software, video chat script , even chat comparisons with genuine or spoof reviews, they are just multifarious .

Chat Software Comparison


So how to sift the elite software from the mediocre ones? Extraordinary function design, super user experience, extremely stable chat server… wait, how much will that cost me?
A blind pursuit for the supreme will drive you to spend good money after bad. You will always get what you have paid for. Yes that is the rule of the game. Nevertheless, no one can resist the temptation if someone can break that rule.
Yes, that someone is 123 Flash Chat Software.


Sure let’s compare.


Flash & HTML chat client supported
Mobile Chat supported
All websites CMS compatible
Traditional Chat features, all enabled
Java Chat Server
Firewall penetration
Database connection pool
PPM/PPV, HD video chat software
Video conference mode
Hand Raising
Dynamic Skins & Backgrounds
Animated and static Smileys
Ads banner and External ads
Full control over the room
Social login
Powerful Administration
And a lot more…

Can I use this to make money?

How about your service?


123 Flash Chat license package starts at only $199 for 50 concurrent users, and for 123 Flash Chat Hosting service, it only starts at $20!
Buy it now

More Than Cost-Effective

123 Flash Chat is not only cost effective, but famous for its premium service.

No Hidden Cost

Free setup, free installation and integration for license buyers, free mobile chat app, and free tech service for life time.
Compared with other chat solutions, you may find this one really amazing!

Free Trial

You can apply for a 30 days free trial which is full featured directly from here.
You can also apply for a license free trial version, which can be also full featured just with a time frame. Apply it now.

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