How to Remove the Chat Plugins

123 Flash Chat Plugins include bid sofa, marquee messages, facebook fan, facebook like, twitter, game and youtube buttons; As the leading chat software supplier, there will be more coming on the way to enrich the chat. However, if you dislike any one of them, you can remove it by following the below instructions. Totally your call!


Firstly open file config.js under your <123flashchat client folder>/htmlchat/config/config.js.

Find below sentence.

var init_extensions = "seat,screenmsg,like,games,youtube,fan,twitter";// End of init configuration

Here "seat" refers to the bid sofa, "screenmsg" refers to marquee messages, and "like","fan" refers to facebook like and facebook fan respectively.

Edit this sentence by deleting the corresponding plugins and save it. For example, if you want to remove bid sofa chat plugin, the sentence should read as below after the modification.

var init_extensions = "screenmsg,like,games,youtube,fan,twitter";// End of init configuration

How to Remove the Chat Plugins

Finally, clear your caches and check again.

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