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How to add a chat room to Drupal?

To add a feature-rich chat room to your Drupal, please refer to the following instructions.

Firstly, please download Drupal chat module, and uncompress the package, then you get a folder chat and a file readme.txt.

Download Drupal Chat Module

Then copy folder chat/ to <Drupal installed directory>/modules/chat/

Secondly, install the module in the admin panel.

1. OPEN: Admin Panel -> Site Building -> Modules -> select 123flashchat -> save configuration The chat module will be installed automatically.

Chat location

2. OPEN: Admin Panel ->Site Building->Blocks-> (Disabled)select 123flashchat->(Region)select Left sidebar->Save blocks The chat module will be displayed in the left sidebar.

Chat location

Thirdly, Configure chat module's running mode.

OPEN: Admin Panel -> Site configurations -> Chat module settings

Chat location

Please choose the running mode according to your needs.
If you choose Chat server hosted by your own, 123FlashChat server software should be installed at first, please download 123FlashChat demo version at:
Then configuration as following:

Chat location

If you choose Chat server hosted by 123FlashChat, please refer the configuration as following:

Chat location

Or you choose Chat server hosted by 123FlashChat free of charge, please refer the configuration as following:

Chat location

Finally, integrate your chat with Drupal user database.
If you choose first mode or second mode, you need to set Auth-URL by the instructions below.

1. Log in the Chat Admin Panel

2. System Settings -> Integrate Panel ->DataBase -> SELECT: URL -> edit

Chat location

3. Change URL: http://<Drupal install directory>/?q=chat/loginchat&username=%username%&password=%password%

Chat location

4. Press OK to save your setting.

5. Restart chat server at System Management -> Restart

Integration done, enjoy your chat.
If you have any questions about chat room, please visit
You also can send ticket to (for license buyer) or (for host customer), we will free integrate for license buyer and yearly hosting buyer.

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