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What makes 123FlashChat a perfect e-learning website chat solution?

123 Flash Chat can be used in remote educational chat rooms.

It can create online courses or seminars quickly and inexpensively. Now you can train students or employees with full multimedia courses custom designed with text, graphics, audio and video.

Especially with Moderated Chat Module installed and enabled, then only Teacher, Admin and Moderators can chat freely in chat room. And the regular chatters' conversation can't go public without Moderators/ Admin's approval.

The optional Whiteboard Module in chat room is just like the blackboard in classroom, so teachers can tech students by talking, writing and drawing. The students can be allowed to join the drawings by teachers.

Besides that, 123 Flash Chat can be integrated seamlessly with course management systems, such as Moodle.

Live Chat Demo

Try out the cool chat features with our 24/7 live supporters to see how it performs as an e-learning chat software.


  • The chat server is 100% java, various clients available

Java server enables rock-stable and real-time communication, it supports high load, i.e.: thousands of students watch the educational video chat on your website and there'll be no down time.There are various clients available in 123 Flash Chat, the Flash and HTML 5 client are the most popular.

The clients are user-friendly and can be very fancy; the end users who may be very amateurish to computer science can be attracted to your online classroom and chat easily.

  • Integrate external database

Integrate database of your existing portal or forum in e-learning chat line, including course management systems, such as Moodle.

  • Chat management

There are admin(s) and moderator(s) for chat room.

Admin has power to kick and ban annoying user; admin can manage moderators to take in charge of specific rooms; admin can also broadcast to all e-learning chat rooms. Moderator can kick user in e-learning chat, too.

  • Invisible admin

It is an optional function, admin can monitor in e-learning classroom invisibly.

  • Fully customizable

123 Flash Chat is very neat and has sixteen skins; you may change its logo to yours and choose one skin to fit your existing online dating web site. Plus, you can add your link to the help button, so that chatting users may click it to visit your educational website.

123 Flash Chat can be seamlessly embedded into your webpage, by just inserting some HTML code.

Even if we host online dating chat for you, it's still the same story, your users won't notice at all it's us to host the online educational chat software.

  • Video chat function, optional.

Teachers and students can truly talk face to face at real-time.

  • Video Conference mode, optional

Multiple video windows will automatically display at top if a chat room is on the video conference mode, with the video publishers become broadcasters and the rest become viewers by default.

Click one video window to enlarge it and shrink the rest of them.

The Video Conference Module is especially ideal for virtual conference, webinar, chat community, social network, etc.

  • Social Connect

Social Connect enables students to login with their Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Yahoo and Google accounts, then it's easier to join the chat.

  • Mobile App

The mobile app is an efficient marketing tool for the chat room owner to promote the chat room to the millions of users, meanwhile, the chat users may explore thousands of chat rooms with it, and never miss any fun!

  • Event chat function, optional.

With it, each chat room can be scheduled to automatically open and close. This is a great way to ensure the time for class and schedule a specific topic for a particular time.

  • Friend List

This is an optional function. Users may conveniently add another one in his friend list for later contact. It is can be fully integrated with the "Teacher list" on your own site. It is about building user loyalty to your website and getting more traffic.

  • Auto-ads

Predefined text messages can be periodically sent to e-learning chat room, as e-learning site news or course activities advertisements. You can use this feature to recommend some teachers or promote sales campaign.

  • Chat record

Admin is entitled to check the conversation record, archived by date, and may edit these files to compile an article of the e-learning chat history, to add into website content system as success course or something.

  • Ad banner

Ad banner can be attached to dating chat room, then as members grow and your e-learning site becomes more popular, your ad revenue can also be largely increased.

  • Typing status
  • Clickable URL

Affordable Price

The license fee initiates from $299 for 100 user max, and the hosting fee starts from $20 only. You can choose either one or both. It's quite low in the e-learning chat software business.

How to configure 123 Flash Chat for E-learning site?

  • User list in chat room

Use server APIs to get number and user list in the e-learning site software, detailed instructions here:

You can create an application to read the online data from the files specified in the tutorials and display on your start page or other e-learning pages, this data can be updated at real-time.

  • Integrate external database

If you already have a full-featured website for remote educational service, you may need the new e-learning chat software to integrate your user database.

If you are going to host the chat by your own server, you can find this tutorial helpful:

If you ask us to host chat for you,

Here's the instruction:

With the external database integrated into 123flashchat, users don't have to register again.

Then how to prevent users from logging in again?

Here's the method of single sign-on and you can even have users to enter specific e-learning chat room.

Check this out:
  • Fully customizable

Here're some tutorials might be helpful to your designer of the e-learning software.


How to Customize Skin?

How to Change Skin Color?

How to Customize Background?

The chat can be designed to be exactly the same style of your e-learning site; you can add more graphics to make it friendlier.

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