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Embedded Chat

Create A Chat Room With 123 Flash Chat Script

If you want to embed a chat room for your webpage, it will be fairly simple with our chat code. Here we take standard chat edition of 123 Flash Chat as an example on how to add a chat to your website in embedded mode. You can refer to the following procedures to create a chat room for your website easily.

1. Generate Codes For Chat Room to be Embeded into Your Website.

By clicking on the node "Code Generator", you will see the panel as the screenshot below. You're recommended to select HTML Chat Code from the Code Type dropdown list.

Choose Chat Code Type and Chat Client Type to embed chat room to your website.

2. Click the Display tab or next button at the bottom to take you to the next step.

Set your preferable size for the embedded chat in this panel.

Set the size for the embedded chat room and generate a proper chat code for your website.

3. Click the Settings tab to take you the settings panel.

Then make the correct configurations there.

Configure chat room to guarantee a proper chat code for your website.

4. Click Generated tab to take you to the Generate Code panel.

Chat code is generated successfully. Embed these chat scripts into webpage to build a chat room.

You can copy and paste the chat code into any page of yours. An embedded chat room is built successfully now. Even if you host chat on our server, your users will then feel like chatting on "your" website always and won't notice it is 123 Flash Chat who are hosting your chat.

FYI, the following is an example of the html code for creating a chat room to your website:
<div name="123flashchat_div" id="123flashchat_div" align="center">
<div name="flashchat" id="flashchat">
<EMBED src="" allowScriptAccess="always" HEIGHT="505" WIDTH="779" PLUGINSPAGE="" TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash" name="topcmm_123flashchat" menu="false" quality="high" />

To create chat room with JavaScript Code for your webpage, the procedures are the similar. We're sure you may feel like that "wow, it is really a piece of cake!"

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