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How to customize a Facebook like messenger chat bar?

The Facebook like messenger chat bar is customizable. The following brief tutorial shows how.

You can also add extra web applications to the left side! They may be folded under the name "Applications" and once clicked, the list will be extended. You are suggested to put your key webpage links there to add exposure to visitors.

Facebook-like Messenger Bar Parameters List:
Parameter Type Description
enable_app boolean Add a button to the very right of the bottom bar to allow custom app or not.
app_url string Application URL
app_width int Width of the application window
app_height int Height of the application window
app_logo string URL of the application logo; the recommended size: 16*16 px
app_default_show boolean Whether the application is expanded by default
app_tool_tip string Prompting message of the application floating toolbar
app_popup_mode boolean Open the app in the new page or not.
topcmm_logo string Image URL for the icon of "Applications" at left of the bar
topcmm_logo_tool_tip string Tips for the icon of "Applications" at left of the bar
topcmm_logo_href string Link URL for the icon of "Applications" at left of the bar
topcmm_logo_window_width int Width of the applications list window
topcmm_logo_window_height int Height of the applications list window
topcmm_hide_friend_list boolean Fold the Friend List when switching to a new page or not.
init_display_bottom_logo boolean Show the logo at bottom of the chat windows or not.
init_display_about boolean Show the icon for "about" in the chat windows or not.
init_display_help boolean Show the icon for "help" in the chat windows or not.
skin_123webmessenger string Select skin for 123 Web Messenger, for example: artistic, beige, etc.
init_language string Select language for 123 Web Messenger
init_logo string Image URL for the logo in chat windows
init_logo_href string Link URL for the logo in chat windows
init_cancel_btn boolean Show "cancel" button during login in Friend List client
init_force_login boolean The login entry is obligate or not in the Friend List client.
init_group string Client group name, the default value is "default", please leave it unchanged unless you know what exactly this means.
enable_guest_login boolean Allow guest login or not in the Friend List client
init_display_member_list string Initialized member list
Custom Facebook Messenger StyleWeb Chat Bar Parameters Sample:
<!-- For 123 Web Messenger Code Begin -->
<script language="javascript" src=""></script>
<script language="javascript">
var webpath="";
var username_123webmessenger = "";
var password_123webmessenger = "";
var enable_app=false;
var app_name="Chat Room";
var app_url="http://www.123flashchat.com/123flashchat.html?init_port=51128";
var app_width=779;
var app_height=505;
var app_logo="";
var app_default_show=false;
var app_tool_tip="Click to chat";
var app_popup_mode=false;
<script language="javascript" src=""></script>
<!-- For 123 Web Messenger Code End -->


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