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123 flash chat server software v6.0 released!

May. 25, 2006

123 Flash Chat 6.0 new feature list:

1. Event-Chat Module is released.

With this optional chat module, each chat room can be scheduled to be automatically opened or closed. This is a great way to attract more traffic to your chat room and inspire high-quality conversation.

2. Change Nickname Module is enhanced.

Changing nickname module is enhanced by the user profile management system.
Users now can fully manage their own profile, defining the sex, age and location when registering or editing profile. All the information is saved on the server (except the nickname). Moreover, users can change their avatars at the Change Nickname Control Panel. Meanwhile, users can check other's profile too.

3. Audio/Video module is enhanced.

Firstly, audio and video functions are separated now.
Secondly, user can only view other’s video after their invitation is accepted. If rejected, he will fail to view the video, and the same invitation can’t be initiated within 10 minutes after that.

4. Moderated-Chat Module can be pre-activated.

Back in the process of creating a new room in the Admin Panel, the admin can activate the Moderator-chat module (The Moderated-Chat Module can be purchased in our store.)

5. Invisible Admin Module can be preset when creating room using server API.

Back in the process to create room at back-end using server API, the Invisibile Admin Module can be activated to ensure the admin enters room truely invisibly.

6. Ban IP range

Now admin can ban IP range instead of a specific IP address, and the banned IP list and banned users list are listed as well.

7. Chat transcripts can be published.

The messages in the chat lobby and in the private chat are now logged seperately, in html format, and the lobby chat transcripts can be published on website as quality content. Moreover, admin can configure to log or not the lobby chat or private chat.

8. Save font type and font color.

User then has more control over his own setting.

9. Flood control.

"max-post-row" is added to the default.xml which is used to retrain the max row of each message, this prevents malicious flood.

10. More flashEmotion.

more flashEmotion animations are added to our collection to add more fun.

It is not necessarily to upgrade to the v6.0 if you're happy with your current version, but if you're interested to the new features and ALREADY BOUGHT 123flashchat old version before,

please fill in following form, we'll send you the upgrading package upon the details you've offered.
Name which was used to purchase:
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