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123 Flash Chat 7.8 can run on iPad!

June. 13th, 2010

123 Flash Chat software unveils its iPad chat client in 7.8. The chat users can then stay in touch with their friends anytime anywhere, as long as there is WIFI or 3G network available, since iPad is small, slim and lightweight. Meanwhile, with the large screen and HD resolution of the pioneering device, the chat users get better user experience.

Then how does a website can offer a chat room for the iPad users? That's easy. Step 1, webmaster install 123 Flash Chat server and insert the HTML/Ajax chat client to specific webpages. Step 2, iPad Users visit those webpages to chat, all they need is just internet access, and no flash player is required.

Or, you can auto-detect iPad users and show them the HTML chat client accordingly. Here is how.

Chat via iPad with soft-keyboard, iPad Chat, HTML Chat, Ajax Chat, iPhone Chat

More screenshots for iPad Chat

Feature List

Though written in HTML/Ajax, iPad chat client supports all the main features of the main flash chat client of 123 Flash Chat software.

- Chat lobby and private chat windows are all managed by tabs.
- Chat rooms list available.
- A login panel with genders to choose.
- Admin and moderator can kick and ban the offensive users, and all the ordinary users can ignore the offensive users.
- IM Friends Invitation is available to make your users introduce your chat to their friends in other social community, such as MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, Hotmail, Twitter, etc,
- change skins on the fly
- Font style and color control.
- Smilies.
- Flexible dimension of the chat screen.
- Online user can be listed with alphabetical sequence or vice versa.
- Locate a user by entering part of his username.
- Clickable hyperlinks in the chat conversation.


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