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Red5 Configuration

Configure Red5 for 123FlashChat Video Chat

About Red 5

Red5 is an open source Flash server written in Java. Red5 is only recommended for testing 123FlashChat video chat module. When fully functional video chat is needed in production environment, especially when the concurrent users are over 400, you'd better purchase Flash media server from Adobe with snappier performance instead.

Install Red5 Standalone Server

Before the installation, please make sure JDK has been installed on your server; you can check it by running command "java -version" on your chat server.

Red5 version 0.62 is already bound in 123FlashChat, so usually no need to re-install it. But if the latest Red5 version is preferred, check the instructions below to install it.

  1. Install it following guide:
  2. Under /webapps, create a folder named "123flashchat" for instance, restart Red5.
    then you will get a targetURI for Red5: rtmp://[your_red5_server_IP]/123flashchat, done!

Red5 will consume about 600MB to 900MB memory of your server.

Installation Service

If you don't know to install Red5 standalone server for 123FlashChat, we can do it for you. Please provide SSH account (for Unix/Linux server) or remote control account (for Windows server), we promise we will make backup before we start, also you can change the account password when we are done.

We charge $100 for Red5 installation and integration with 123FlashChat.


Please be aware that we can only install Red5 instead of maintaining it. Because Red5 is not our product and we didn't develop it at the first place.

Thank you for understanding!

Configure Red5 Standalone Server

If a Red5 standalone server is installed, please configure 123FlashChat video module in this way:

  1. 123FlashChat trial edition is bound with a video module already, but if it's a full edition,
    please make sure you have already purchased video module ($299) .
    Otherwise you may buy it here:
  2. Log in to the 123FlashChat Admin Panel using admin account.
  3. Module Settings-> Flash Media Server Address, configure URI to: rtmp://[your_red5_server_ip]/123flashchat
    (Replace [your_red5_server_ip] to real IP) and save.
  4. Module Settings-> Audio/Video Module, check the option:
    Enable video and Enable audio, save.

Please don't hesitate to ask further questions!
Just drop an email to support(at) and we'll help you!

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