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123 Flash Chat Software Makes You A One & Only Profitable Chat Site for 2014 World Cup!

2014 World Cup is in full swing in Brazil since today!

Service is not Everything, but is More Than Anything

Time comes again when everything slows its pace and stops for this gala, everything becomes peripheral and gives way to this world orgiastic frenzy. Lawn and football become the mainstream topic for every walk of the society including chat software industry. It is palpable that World Cup becomes the elephant in the chat so why not keep abreast with this trend and put the cherry on top by utilizing it.

A Fan Indeed Provides What In Need

To fit the bill 123 Flash Chat Software is carrying on exactly as it always has, thinking ahead of its customers. A “buy-one-get-seven” promotion is launched and a $500 discount has been issued for the unlimited ultimate license buyers to get the PPM/PPV support. What’s more, a delicately-designed set of four new chat backgrounds with 2014 World Cup theme is ready to respond to this special season.

123 Flash Chat 2014 World Cup Special Offer
PPM/PPV Video Chat

2014 World Cup Background Sample

Don't underestimate these backgrounds it will help you to gain revenue in this special season!

Really! How?

Plan A

World Cup topic should take every nook and cranny in your chat so it is time to raise the credits for virtual gift “Football” now and promote it till the end of this season.

Plan B

It is time to start a wager within the chat. Take advantage of the video chat script in assignable mode and the world cup backgrounds closely! During a match, set the criteria for the football fans to be able to publish the video, for instance, to consume more in the chat or send certain football gifts within the chat and ask them to make a bet who will win the match. And they can debate with each other when their cameras are on. It is gonna extremely fun and at the same time, beneficial for your chat.

Plan C

In the camshow room which supposedly is a profitable room, it is time to show its extraordinary talents! During or after a match, put the match video on the media player and hire some community celebrities like soccer commentator, member fans or damsel performers on the video and run your PPM room amazingly!

Any others? If you have some good idea to share, welcome to our facebook to leave your comments!

How to get these nice backgrounds?
123 Flash Chat Demo

How to Add these Backgrounds?

It is quite easy.

For HTML chat client users, please copy the football background images to your 123 Flash Chat installation directy/client/htmlchat/img/skin/customization folder. And use the football background image to be in lieu of the original topcmm-123flashchat-common-main-div-outline-bg.jpg image. Keep it in mind that the new image must be named as topcmm-123flashchat-common-main-div-outline-bg too.

For Flash chat client users, please copy the football background images to your 123 Flash Chat installation directory/client/skin/default( you can choose other skin folders of course)/background folder.

Then login your admin panel/client settings/skin/default skin( please choose the skin consistent with the previous step when you copy the football background image)/background. And add a new background there. Keep it in mind that the picture file name for the newly add background must be the same as the image file which you place in the folder in the last step. See below image.

And then save it.

Ok refresh your chat you will be able to choose the football background under the default skin now.

Okay this is cool I am ready to buy it now.
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