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Differences between flash client and HTML chat

Running stably and smoothly, satisfying customers with comprehensive and rich features, holding the idea of "customer comes first" with excellent support service, 123 Flash Chat has been leading chat software industry for more than 10 years.

Changes come with development over the decade.

Flash chat client has been the topic for many years and now HTML chat client seems to take over the dominance.

So, what is the difference between flash client and HTML5 client? According to our research, most of the chat users can't figure out differences over these two kinds of clients very clearly. Well, this page is to give you a brief idea for it.

Flash Chat Client

Flash client accompanies 123 Flash Chat since its birth. After the progress of ten years, 123 Flash Chat flash client is absolutely stable and mature. The admin panel is easy to handle; the UI is concise and convenient. Also some of the modules can still be only used on flash client, such as handwriting, whiteboard, file transfer and live show module. That's palpably why 123 Flash Chat with its powerful flash client solely before becomes the most popular chat software. But flash client only can be running on PC.

Differences between flash client and html chat

Html5 Chat Client

Compared with the flash client, HTML5 client bears with better outstanding features.

Differences between flash client and html chat


Since development of chat software tends to mobile platform, Html5 Chat client emerges as time required. It has significantly improved the performance for 123 Flash Chat and works beautifully on iPhone, iPad, Android Devices and PCs.

Loading faster

Unlike flash client which needs flash player to run, HTML chat client loads much faster because it is based on web.

Easy to control

The new features for HTML5 chat are more in favor of moderator and admin to control the chat room. Such as admin / super admin can change skin and smileys or add temporary moderator. The moderator can ban users too or add temporary moderator. The VIP/plus/premium user can ban, mute and kick user. Those features can't be implemented on flash client.

However all chat customizations on flash chat client can't be used on HTML chat client, even the skin or smileys. If the chat needs to change from flash chat client to HTML chat, it means all customization will be lost since every piece of them needs to be repeated on HTML client.

We can't summarize all rich features only on one page, for the details, please refer to

Steve Jobs said: "Flash sucks and implied that HTML5 can do everything Flash can without the flash player plugin". So, what are your waiting for?

Have a try on html chat demo.

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