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Integrate your 123LiveHelp with your 123FlashChat now!

123 Live Help is professional live support software. It aims to provide a mature solution for your enterprise's operators, such as front-line sales and technical supporters, to communicate effectively with your website visitors and real-time exchange. With it integrated with 123 Flash Chat, the customers in your chat will have an effective way to find help for their problems and your operators will find an efficient way to serve your customers, so as to enhance your products promotion in the network, improve your customers'satisfaction and their loyalty to your enterprise. In a word, it can bring your enterprise tangible benefit.

How to integrate them?

How to integrate?

There are only 5 steps to finish the integration.

1. Please Download 123 Live Help Chat Software, and install it on your server.

2. Log in as operatora.

3. You log in the Admin Panel of your 123FlashChat and click on the Integrate 123LiveHelp at the left of the navigation panel:

Here please check this checkbox: Activate 123LiveHelp function, enter the IP and port number of your 123LiveHelp Chat Software, and then click the Save button.

4. You click the Room Settings in the navigation panel and double-click the room you need to add 123LiveHelp object, let's take Default Room as an example.

Then you will see the following panel:

Click the 123LiveHelp tab, select a role that will appear in this room, it can be 123LiveHelp, a department or a specific operator, its gender and its name. In this example, we added operatora, his gender is Couple and his custom name is 123LiveHelp, when it is finished, press Add and Save buttons.

6. Log in your 123LiveHelp as operatora, and go back to the chat panel of your 123FlashChat, you'll see a user named operatora has been already in the room now.

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