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Free 123 Live Help Video Chat Server Software

Apr. 14, 2009

The Free 123 Live Help Video Chat Server Software allows you to enjoy almost all of the features of 123 Live Help Video Edition supporting unlimited concurrent users. No credit card is required, just download and install it. It is easy & pure free!

1) Video Chat
Your staff now can chat with customers face-to-face.

2) Unlimited seat number
You can arrange more staff to serve visitors at the same time.

3) Unlimited department number
You can establish several sectors, such as sales, tech support, billing, etc.

4) Customizable Logo
You can customize the logo of 123 Live Help Video Chat, so it may looks more identical with your site.

5) Your own Image or HTML Ads
Give your product more opportunities to be learned by your visitors.

The only limitation lies at the text Ads at the bottom of the customer panel , it will be defined by TOPCMM.


The free version is only for Non-Commercial Use, if you need to use it in a commercial environment, a commercial license must be bought from TOPCMM.

Brief Features List:

*Real-time Text & Video Chat
*Remote Controller of 123 Live Help via MSN
*Proactive Chat Invitations
*Track Visitor in real-time
*Push URL
*Chat Search
*Canned responses
*Client Choose Staff.
*Chat Transfer
*Backend Monitor
*Auto-detect and display language

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