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Customization Questions
1. Can you make a skin to fit my site?
A: Yes! Once you've purchased our product, you can write to support@123livehelp.com and leave us your requirements and we'll try our best to make a skin of the Custom Chat Client for you. We charge $200 for extra skin design. (Staff and Admin interface won't be changed.)

2. How to change logo in customer panel?
A: Two ways to change logo:
1) Easy way: make your own "123livehelplogo.swf" and replace the old one under the folder <123livehelp_installation_DIR>/html. The recommended size is 210*40 and no configuration is required.
2) Advanced way: the logo may be renamed and it allows JPG or SWF, but configuration file needs to be altered a little bit, still easy though.
Open: <123livehelp_installation_DIR>/html/config.xml, find the node: <logo value="123livehelplogo.swf" />, then, change the value to the name of your new logo file. Be sure the new logo file is placed under " <123livehelp_installation_DIR>/html/" too.

3. Can you design a logo for me?
A: No problem! Just give us your requirements in details (color code, font and so on) as much as you can and we'd love to make one for you in 24 hours after your order for software license, without extra charge for logo.

4. Can you develop custom features for me?
A: We'd love to. please contact sales@123livehelp.com, we'll give you timeline and quote according to your needs, we charge extra developing fee by hour ($100 per hour).

5. Can I change the size of the Customer Chat Client?
A: Yes, Customer Chat Client is resizable, changing width and height in html code could change the size flexibly. You don't even have to maitain the aspect ratio.

6. Is 123 Live Help Chat Software multilingual support?

A:Yes. So far 123 Live Help Chat Software only supports English and Simplified Chinese, and it can auto-detect language. When your OS is using English or Chinese, it can display relative language. Basically the interface language is controlled by an xml file, you can easily translate it to your own language.

- Edit the Specific Language

Just open the xml files in this folder: <123LiveHelp installed DIR>/etc/groups/default/lang, respectively in six sub folders: admin, msn, client, dc, main and operator.

Open each "language_en.xml" using NOTEPAD, then translate all the phrases or sentences in the language file to your language. when done, "save as", choose "save as type" -> all files, "encoding" -> UTF-8, save as language_**.xml, (** represents your country's official short name. ) then put this file into relevant sub folders under directory: <123LiveHelp installed DIR>/etc/groups/default/lang/

When six "language_en.xml" are translated, you can save them as language_**.xml.

- Change Language Setting

The language setting is controlled by an xml file, if in 123 Live Help Chat Software 1.x, that's "client.xml", if in 123 Live Help Chat Software 2.x and later versions, that's "config.xml".

Take "config.xml" for example, edit <123LiveHelp installed DIR>/html/config.xml, find: <language value="*" />, change the value to two letter code of your language, which is shorted for your language. For example: <language value = "en" />

Now you gotta a local interface of 123 Live Help Chat Software.

When you're done, please send to us, we'll appreciate your help and share it with other users.

7. How to change the online/offline button to your picture?
A:The online/offline pictures are controlled by parameters: online_display and offline_display, and the precondition is that the "button_type" is set to "BUTTON_TYPE_IMAGE" already.

Sample code:
var button_type = BUTTON_TYPE_IMAGE;
var online_display = "http://yourhost.com/img/online.jpg";
var offline_display = "http://yourhost.com/img/offline.jpg";


8. How to control the position of the livehelp status button?
A:The parameter display_div_layerid defines the position of the livehelp status button.

When you add livehelp status button code to the top of your webpage, sometimes when the livehelp and your website are not located on the same server, you may feel that livehelp will lag the webpage loading speed. The parameter is here to resolve the question.

You can add the livehelp code at the bottom of the webpage (but before: ), and add this parameter in the cod), and add this parameter in the code to control the position, so that livehelp will be loaded at last but positioned at top. The default position for the 123livehelp status button is where the livehelp() function is embedded, to change it, use display_div_layerid. Firstly define a DIV with ID attribute, like:
<div id ="livehelp_container" ></div>

Then put it to the desired place of your webpage. Now add the following code before livehelp() function which generates code: var display_div_layerid = "livehelp_container"; In which the 'livehelp_container' is the DIV ID defined above.

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