123 Live Help Chat FAQ

Technical Questions
1. Can you install 123 Live Help Chat Software free for me?
A: YES! We can install it free for purchaser on request, without extra charge.

For Windows, pcanywhere or other remote control application account is required;
For Linux, Unix or MAC, telnet or ssh account is required.

We've helped many of our customers with installation. You can monitor our every move once we access your server so you'll have no worries about security issues, and you can rest assured that we won't do anything to impair the operation of your server.

2. How to display "online/offline" button in my webpage?
A: Including following javascript code into your webpage at the proper location will enable the online/offline button there. Details.

3. What version of JDK is needed to run 123 Live Help Chat Server?
A: Since our server adapted the great-performance java.net.nio package, you need JDK 5.0 or above.
We recommend JDK 5.0 or above.

But if you're Windows or Linux user, JDK is already included in our download pack, you don't have to install it again.

4. Can 123 Live Help Chat Software be running on a shared hosting server?
A: I'm afraid with a shared hosting, you can't run 123 Live Help Chat Software by your own. you're suggested to purchase a dedicated server, or at least a VDS/VPS. And our live help hosting service is available, also the Free Trial Hosting Service can be applied, details here!

5. Can the department list be skipped?
A: Yes, it can be. No matter how many departments you have, your users can directly access the waiting queue in the specific department without choosing a department first. This is controlled by one parameter in your html code to define the department ID when inserting the Customer Chat Client to webpage.

Sample: client.swf?init_room=3

6. When no staff available, why can't I receive customer's email?
A: You can't receive mail unless setting up your smtp server in " lhserver.xml ". Give it a try!

7. Why my admin window and staff window get stuck and keep loading?
A: 1) Admin window and staff window require flash player 7 or above.
2) Following files and folder must be in the same folder with admin.swf and staff.swf to ensure the loading success:config.xml and lang folder.
3) If still no luck, please offer us live support URL, we'll help you checking the problem.
8. How to add/remove ads in the Flash client? How to fold the ads banner space?
A: In the Flash client (customer panel), there are two types of ads. Banner ads or HTML text ads at the right side of the customer panel, recommended size: 150*350 pixels. And scrolling text ads at the bottom of the customer panel, with width smaller than the customer panel itself.
Format: JPG, PNG files are preferred for banners.
Open admin panel, Preferences-> Advertisement, you can set the sequence and duration time of ads easily there.

If no banner ads or HTML ads is added yet, the banner space at the right side will be folded automatically. You can also unclick the option "show the AD panel automatically" in Preferences—>Advertisement—>HTML to roll it up.

9. How to get the staff status, online department status?
A: A javascript code file named "live_status.js" is available in the default path: <123livehelp installed DIR>/html, and four JavaScript arrays can be used to get the online staff and department status by inserting code like this to the specific webpages:
<script type="text/javascript" scr="live_status.js" />
1) deptList, all department list, online and offline.
2) staffList, all the operator list, online and offline.
3) onlineStaff, the online operator list.
4) onlineDept, the online department list.
10. To host users, how to speed up the loading of the client side of 123livehelp?
A: Tips to speedup client loading, details.
11. How to add/remove/change the random greetings to login users?
A: You can configure greetings in <123livehelp>/html/config.xml, find the message node below and change them to your own.

<message interval="20" enable="true">
<m>Please wait while we find an operator to assist you.</m>
<m>All agents are currently busy. Please stand by.</m>
<m>An agent will be with you in a moment. Thank you for your patience.</m>
<m>The next available Agent will be with you in a moment.</m>

Set enable="true" means enable greetings, otherwise "false".
The greetings interval can be defined by parameter Interval, which calculates by seconds.

12. How to set "proactive chat invitation" and time interval of it?
A: You can set "proactive chat invitation" in
Operator panel-> tool-> options-> Other, including time interval setting and message content of "proactive chat invitation".
Then after a certain time on site, a proactive chat invitation will pop up automatically to visitor, if declined by visitor, then it won't show
13. How to monitor more webpages?
A: The live help interacts with your website in two ways, a live support status button, indicating online/offline status, and a DC (dormant client) hidden in desired webpages to monitor visitors.
Therfore by inserting the DC to more pages without showing the status button, operators can monitor more webpages and the visitors won't even notice it.
Two steps to get the new DC code using the code generator:
Step 1, choose "No button" style.
Step 2, At the final stage, set button_type=BUTTON_TYPE_NULL.
Generate new code and insert the code into the webpages to monitor visitors.
14. How to upgrade 123livehelp to new version and how to transfer database?
A: When upgrading, normally, you just need copy a new lhserver.jar into <123livehelp_installation_URL>/lib to replace the old one. Then, restart the server.
But sometimes we may release a landmark version and there will be more jar packages to update, in this situation, all the new jar packages should be put in lib folder.

To save old data of 123livehelp, it's very important to transfer database too. If you will stick to the default derby database, just copy database folder in old version into <123livehelp_installation_URL>/ to replace the new one. Then, restart the chat server, all the data in old version will be imported to new version.

Otherwise if you use mysql database, export .sql file from the mysql database, and run the sql files on the new server.
15. Video chat doesn' t work, what shall I do?
A: 123livehelp use red5 as the default video server. The problem of video cam doesn' t work is usually caused by the wrong RTMP address. For example, if you have more than one IP on your server, you need know which IP is the valid one for red5. Then login admin panel, Preferences—>Video Settings, you can configure a right RTMP address there.
For example, your valid IP address is, the correct RTMP address should be,
16. How to get auto-notification for any low score of operators?
A: At the end of each conversation, the customer may be required to rate the operator from 1-to-5, indicating poor to excellent service.
A new feature is added in 5.3 so that admin will get email notification if the rating is lower than a specified level, e.g. lower than 3 points.
Whether the low score to trigger the auto-notification function or the email address to be notified can be configured in the Preferences-> Rate Notify panel.
17. How admin monitor live help operator on MSN?
A: Remote control live help details.
18. How to configure admin email to receive email when no staff online?
A: When no staff is available, customers will be suggested to send email to admin-email.
For example, you use testtopcmm1@gmail.com as your admin email, you just need open <123livehelp_installation_URL>/etc/lhserver.xml, find the node Mail-smtp-server and configure it as below,

<Mail-smtp-server enable="On">

19. If the default port 8969 has been occupied, what shall I do?
A: You can set primary port in server configuration file. Open
<123livehelp_installation_URL>/etc/lhserver.xml, find the parameter below,
<primary-server ip="*" port="8969"></primary-server>
Change the port port value, and restart your 123livehelp to make it effective.
Note: Don't forget to change the value too in staff panel accordingly, Settings—>TCP Port.
20. How to assign a particular interface language at client side?
A: By default the interface language of the customer panel will be automatically assigned according to visitor OS. If you need to define a particular language for all visitors, you can configure as following:

Open <123livehelp_installation_DIR>/html/config.xml, find the language node below:

<language value = "*" />

"*" represents auto-select, if English, just change "*" to "en".
21. If I have FMS on my server, can I replace the default red5 video server with FMS?
A: 123livehelp use red5 as default video server, but if you need better video quality for high load, you can use FMS instead. You can easily configure RTMP address in your admin panel,
Preferences—>Video Settings.
22. How to enable auto-login?

A:Users may auto-login the live support software and even automatically enter room, whether database integration is done or not,which means that they don't have to enter their name (and password) in the live support software manually to ask questions.
There are two kinds of auto-login for customers.

a.Auto-login to a specific department
Two parameters needs configuration in the generated code. Here is an example,
var init_room =1;
var init_user ="tom";
"init_user" represents the customer name for auto-login, and mostly we set variable for init_user to get the customer name from cookies or sessions.
"init_room" represents the department_ID" represents the department_ID, you can get the department_ID in Department Panel of your admin panel.

b.Auto-login to start private chat with a specific operator
Three parameters needs configuration in the generated code. Here is an example,ype = BUTTON_ASSIGN_STAFF;
var pre_staff_id = "operatorb";
var init_user ="tom";
"butto_assign_type = BUTTON_ASSIGN_STAFF" is fixed, which means auto-login and start a private chat with a specific operator, no need to enter a department and wait in queue.
"pre_staff_id" represents the operator name, if not available now, the chat will be transferred to an online operator automatically.
"init_user" is the represents the customer name.

23. How to control the position of the livehelp status button?

A: When you add livehelp status button code to the top of your webpage, sometimes when the livehelp and your website are not located on the same server, you may feel that livehelp will lag the webpage loading speed. The parameter is here to resolve the question.

You can add the livehelp code at the bottom of the webpage (but before: </body>), and add this parameter in the cod), and add this parameter in the code to control the position, so that livehelp will be loaded at last but positioned at top. The default position for the 123livehelp status button is where the livehelp() function is embedded, to change it, use display_div_layerid. Firstly define a DIV with ID attribute, like:
<div id ="livehelp_container" ></div>

Then put it to the desired place of your webpage. Now add the following code before livehelp() function which generates code: var display_div_layerid = "livehelp_container"; In which the 'livehelp_container' is the DIV ID defined above.

24. How to make the operator status reflected by the graphic button at real-time?

A: When generating code, one parameter can be added to do so,
If set it true, then operator status will update at real-time.
Otherwise the online/offline status won't update automatically until next webpage refreshing.
var operator_status_live_update = true;

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