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Chat Error: over max session

The settings of max connection size or max connection per IP are too small.

  1. Open <123FlashChat install Dir>/server/log/access.log and see if there is such errors:
    Reject the connection -- reach the max connections --connection number
    If so, it caused by the globe connection max connection setting. Please open fcserver.xml, find node: <max-connection>xx</max-connection>. Please change xx to a higher value.

  2. Open <your chat installed directory>/server/data/<group name>/logs/access.log, there maybe the following error messages:
    • Reject the connection -- reach the max connections from one IP
      It shows the connections per IP has reached limitation, so open the server.xml for this group.
      If there is no node:<max-connections-per-ip>10</max-connections-per-ip>, it's recommended to add the node. Please set the connection (10 is default) to a higher value. If you just want to set the globle settings, please go to fcserver.xml and edit the vale for this node: <max-connections-per-ip>10</max-connections-per-ip>. And the node <max-connections-per-ip> in server.xml will override the one in fcserver.xml.
    • Reject the connection -- reach the max license limit for this group
      It shows the license connection has reached bottom, please upgrade your license.
    • Reject the connection -- reach the max connections for this group
      It shows it reaches the max connections of the group, please edit the <max-connection>10</max-connection> in server.xml.

Note: server.xml is in <123FlashChat install dir>/server/etc/groups/<group name>/, and fcserver.xml is in <123FlashChat install dir>/server/etc/.
In order to get into effect, please restart the group, when editing server.xml. And restart chat server when editing fcserver.xml.

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