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How to add a chat room to your OsDate!

How to add a chat room to your OsDate!

To add a feature-rich chat room to your OsDate, please refer to the following instructions.

Firstly, download OsDate chat module.

Download OsDate! chat extension

Installation Level: Immediately
Installation Time: ~5 Minutes

Then unzip and upload topcmmFlashChat file to your website <root path>/plugins/. Login your website's admin panel use admin account. Find and click Tools -> Plugins.

Find and install 123 Flash Chat in the Plugins List.

Refresh this page you will find Plugins -> 123 Flash Chat Setting on the left, click it.

Secondly , configure OsDate chat module’s running mode, please login your website admin panel -> Plugins-> 123 Flash Chat Settings.

1. Server Mode and Integration URL

Here you may define the chat server mode (self hosted, TOPCMM paid hosting or TOPCMM free hosting) in the Basic Setting.

Each Mode you choose, please complete the blanks with correct data.

2. Admin panel

You will be able to configure the chat through admin panel in the control panel of OsDate.

3. The following data of the chat room can display on OsDate index page to attract more users to join chatting.
Total rooms, total connections, online users
Chat room list
Online user list
The 3 types of data can be individually disabled to display if you need.

4. Various chat clients and different open modes
You need to choose a chat client according to your need, as following:
Standard Chat (standard, with full features),
HTML Chat (simple and neat)
Also please set the chat client presents Full Screen or fixed size.

5. Multiple Skins

There are total sixteen skins available for use:

chat skins
chat skins

If you have any questions about chat room, please visit .
You can also send email to , we offer free integration service for license buyer and yearly hosting buyer.


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