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PhpFox Messenger Integration Case

Date: Oct. 30th, 2013

123 Web Messenger is a facebook like bar which can be integrated to your website seamlessly; We will take phpFox as an example this time and we will show you a live customer's example to make it clear.

The IM messenger fits the phpfox site so well and it was chosen by many site masters to boost their traffic; Here is one example which is one of our customers for many years and it runs pretty well.

WOCCHATS online messenger program

Login the site here,
you can use the account testingsite/testing.

When you are logged into wocchat you might notice there is a toolbar along the bottom and right in the bottom right hand corner if you click you should see the sites messenger program.

Single Sign on

And what is amazing is that you will find yourself automatically logged in the webmessenger; You are already a member of the chat!

Online Buddylist & members

You can make your own buddylist within the webmessenger, however, if we do the friendlist integration, we can transfer the friendlist which is in your website directly to the webmessenger.

You will be able to talk 1 to 1 with them and also even webcam chat with them if you so wish to.

Control Panel

phpFox AdminCP -> Modules -> Webmessenger -> Settings.

All of the chat data, avatar, and buddylist can be transported to the chat, thus save you a lot of efforts; And right now for license buyers and yearly host buyers you can have this service totally free! Write to to request it!

Post your questions and share your experience here.

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