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A quickstart to add 123 Flash Chat room to your webpage

This is only a brief tutorial on inserting 123 Flash Chat into your webpage. (As to the advanced setting, please refer to User Manual.)

Install the chat server and then start it.

Move the "client" folder to a web server.

Insert HTML code to webpage.

Step 2): Move the "client" folder to a web server.

After step 1), you will get a <123FlashChatServer> directory on the server, including "client", "doc", "server" folders. Among them, "client" should be moved to the web server while "server" folder must stick to where it was. DO NOT copy the "server" folder to the web server too, you must protect the content from being downloaded by chatters, which is very insecure.

A web server is automatically built into 123 Flash Chat server after the initial installation for testing purpose, we strongly recommend a professional web server like Apache, IIS, etc. to integrate the chat client when you will launch the chat officially.

To integrate the chat client to a web server rather than to the built-in web server, please:

Copy the "client" folder to web server.

Copy the "client" folder to the web directory (like "htdocs", "html", "www", etc.) of your web server.

Sample: copy the client folder from 123flashchatserver to Apache server :

(From:) (To:)
Step 1) <<

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