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Free Gift Thanksgiving Chat Skin!

How to launch Thanksgiving backgrounds and gifts?

The thanksgiving is coming!

Thanksgiving Day is approaching!

123 Flash Chat launches 5 backgrounds and 5 gifts especially for the upcoming Thanksgiving, and they are free!

Unzip the package and you will get two folders: "background" and "gift".
thanksgiving chat skin download

How to Add New Backgrounds?

1. Open the background folder in the unzipped package.

Copy the 5 backgrounds to <Your Chat Installed Directory>\client\skin\<Any Skin You Want>\background\, take the skin set "thanksgiving" for example, then clear cookies of your browser.

2. Edit in admin panel

Login admin panel-> Client Settings-> Skin, choose "Thanksgiving" skin and click " Background Setting".

Thanksgiving Skin Settings in Admin Panel, Flash Chat, Chat Software

3. Add new backgrounds details.

Click "Add" button to the five backgrounds details. Enter the form and save it.

Add New Thanksgiving Backgrounds, Flash Chat, Chat Software

Name: the name of new background, you can enter any name you want, but do not enter repeated name in the list.

Picture Filename: the new background file name in thanksgiving background folder. If you change the SWF file name in folder, remember to change accordingly in admin panel.

Default Background: set the default background of Thanksgiving skin for all users in the chat room.

4. Enter chat room to double check.

Thanksgiving Chat Backgrounds

How to Add New Gifts?

1. Open the gift folder in the unzipped package.

Copy the 5 SWF files to <Your Chat Installed Directory>\client\gifts\swf.
Copy the 5 pictures in thumb folder to <Your Chat Installed Directory>\client\gifts\thumb.
Clear cookies of your browser.

2. Edit in admin panel

Login admin panel-> Virtual Currency-> Virtual Gifts-> Gifts List, click "Add" button to add new gifts details, and click "OK".

Please enter the following corresponding duration when you add gifts.

Bear: 5
Candles: 6
Chicken: 4
Flowers: 5
Fruits: 5

Add New Gifts in Gifts List, Flash Chat, Chat Software

Gift Category
There are three gift categories: Default, Jewelry, Luxuries. And you can add or delete gift categories by add or minus button.
Gift Name
The display name of a gift.
The costs of credits to buy this gift.
Credits Awards
The increased credits the receiver will get when accepting this gift.
Thumbnail URL
The URL of the gift thumbnail. Supported formats: .SWF/.PNG/.JPG/.GIF. Standard file size: 58*58 pixels.
Animation URL
The loading URL of the gift animation, supported format is SWF..
The description of this gift.
The duration of the gift broadcasts in the chat room.
Click Yes to active this gift. If no, the gift will be hidden in the chat gift panel.

3. Enable virtual gifts in a chat room.
If you enabled this function, please skip this step.
Login admin panel-> Virtual Currency-> Credits Service, check "Enable Virtual Currency Credits Service" and save it.
Login admin panel-> Virtual Currency-> Virtual Gifts, click "Enable Virtual Gifts" and save.
Login admin panel-> Room Settings-> a specific room name-> Gift, click "Enable Virtual Gifts" and save.

4. Enter your chat room to check the settings.

New Gifts in Chat Room, Flash Chat, Chat Software

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