Translate to win a license!

Translate to win 123 Flash Chat license!

How to translate?

123 Flash Chat is a multilingual chat room software, and the interface language is controlled by language packs. You're recommended to edit a specific language pack in this way to avoid making mistakes,

  1. Download the latest 123 Flash Chat trial edition and install it.
  2. Admin Panel-> Client Settings-> Languages-> Edit Language, choose a language like "Dutch", then edit and save, a new "language_nl.xml" will be saved in the directory: 123FlashChat10.0\server\etc\groups\default\lang\
  3. Just send the new XML file to with title like this: "Attn. Joy, language translation comes!"

How to apply?

  1. From the list at the bottom you may see the translation status.
  2. Please write to with a title like this: "Attn. Joy, language translation." and we'll change Apply Now to Started. Your help and support will be highly appreciated.
  3. By the way, if you happen to find any error in our language packages, please report to us as well.

What can you get?

  1. All users in your country can benefit from your translation.
  2. Once got your translation, we'll list your name and website domain on the credit page on request.
  3. Also as our gratitude, a free license for 100 concurrent users or a $199 discount for some other licenses are available to you! If you prefer hosting, we may offer one year of chat hosting for 50 users for free.

Translation Status

Dutch Apply Now
Simple Chinese New!
Tranditional Chinese New!
Spanish Started!
German Started!
Greek Apply Now
Swedish Apply Now
Russian Apply Now
Indonesia Apply Now
French Started!
Georgian Apply Now
Japanese Apply Now
Hungarian Apply Now
Croatian Apply Now
Turkey Started!
Brazil Portugues
Apply Now
Apply Now
Apply Now
Norwegian Apply Now
Portuguese Apply Now
Iceland Apply Now
Farsi Started!
Danish Apply Now
Czech Apply Now
Hebrew Apply Now
Slovenian Apply Now

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