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Video chat and Flash Media Server configuration FAQ

In a/v module installation and configuration, "URI" is involved,

Whose URI should I put there?

You should put the server address here on which the flash media server is installed.

For example, you've installed flash media server on a machine with IP:, then created a folder named "123flashchat" under folder /applications/, the URI is supposed to be: rtmp://

You don't have to put the chat server of 123flashchat into the folder "123flashchat", just creating the folder would be enough.

To define a URI is like opening a door so that the flash client of 123flashchat can connect with the flash media server.

Then where is the "application" folder should be?

that depends on your OS,
if Windows, it might be: C:Program FilesMacromediaFlash Communication Server MXapplications
if Linux, regularly it's here: /opt/macromedia/fcs/applications

The targetURI should be?

If the flash media server and chat server on installed on one server, then targetURI should be: rtmp:/123flashchat
if different, then: rtmp://your_xp_ip/123flashchat

firewall and port

So far if you still fail to connect chat server and flash media server,
then it may be firewall problem.
The default TCP port is 1935, please disable the firewall or configure it by adding an exception.
network connections -> right click "local area connection " -> properties -> advanced -> settings -> exceptions ->
add port -> name(any name) , port 1935 tcp

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