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Vldpersonals Integration, 123 Flashchat's Weekly Successful Integration Case

Date: June 24th, 2013

Does Vldpersonals sound familiar to you as a website structure? Well, maybe not; But that does not matter. What matters is that 123 Flash Chat is totally compatible with it and, we can do this for you freely as a license buyer; You can save all the efforts.

Still quite vague about what is this about or what we can do for you? Why not check this example, which was just done last week, still quite hot!

Click here to check the whole UI.

Database Integration

1. Login the site with testing account (paid/paid).

2. You will see the Livechat button on the top bar and the chat link is available with full screen or normal screen mode.

3. Try to login the chat room with either mode and you will be able to enter the chat automatically without signing in again.

Profile Integration

User's Profile can be transferred to the chat room as well if requested including nickname, gendre, age and location, etc.

Avatar Integration

Users' avatar can be integrated to the chat room if requested and it will be set as the default avatar.

Access Integration

How further we can go? Ok if you have certain levels of members available on your website and just want to authorize one or some of them to be able to enter the chat, it is applicable with our integration.

All work will be done by us, you just need to be our customer and provide us some necessary credentials; Want to add a similar chat to your own site? Or need the integration service like this? Don't hesitate to email us to about your request.

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