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Webmasters love 123 Web Messenger 2.4 Even More! For its New Looks and Powerful Admin Panel.

June 11.2010

1. New Looks

New Skins:Nine fabulous skins are available to match your website design, the admin may choose one easily in the Admin Panel and the skin schemes are: chocolate, black, lavender, green, yellow, brown, red, blue and default (blue violet).

Choose a color scheme to preview the Facebook-like Chat Bar new skins.

Brown Red Black

Yellow Default    

Custom Logo: The logo of 123 Web Messenger and the link can be replaced to your own with ease, helping to enhance your brand.

2. Advertising Banner

Text ads and banner ads may be inserted to 123 Web Messenger, the previous one at the bottom of the chat window and the latter one at the bottom of the friend list, helping the website owners to get more revenue or promote your own site.

3. Facebook-like Chat Bar Improvement: applications Menu

Webpage shortcuts can be added to the application menu of the Facebook style Chat Bar, such as site news, FAQ, etc., so that the webmaster may present some important links at the bottom of their webpages, and then the end users can access them with just one click. In addition, the open mode and the size of the applications can be defined as well.

Brief tutorial: How to customize Facebook style web chat bar?

4. Powerful Admin Panel

The following settings have been added to the Admin Panel to give the webmaster more control:

Registration Settings: the "register" button becomes optional and the link behind can be configured as well.

Custom Menu Settings: the drop-down menu with a click on a username in the friend list can be defined here.

Help Settings: the "help" button becomes optional and the link behind can be configured as well.

Language settings: The language package can be edited here, including that of the Admin Panel, the Friend List and the chat window.

View Settings: admin decides to show login panel, show guest checkbox and show online users tab, or not.

Ads on Instant Messaging Chat Clients be set in admin panel, Web Messenger, Facebook Chat


5. Full time zone including the half-hour time zone is now supported.

6. Bug fixes

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