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   Business Process Execution Language
Description: BPEL for Web services, also known as BPELWS or BPEL4WS, is based upon XML standards. It is intended to provide a means to implement task-sharing in a distributed or grid computing environment both within and across multiple organizations. The BPEL acts as a "glue" between various Web services. It is.
   Review of PHP blogging software
Description: One of the basic decisions when writing software is where to put stuff. The organization should make intuitive sense, be modular and easy to modify. Creating an open-source, full-fledged blogging package is a complex task. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce, and when you finally have code youre happy with, some schmuck like me, who downloaded it for free, comes along to tell you what you did wrong. Actually, Im not so upset with b2evolution, but I think theres something to be learned here about how all our great automated (pre-fab) tools may not be all that great...
   Job Costing Software - The Benefits
Description: Job costing software lets you resume your role as project manager, not accountant. Manual methods of job costing simply cannot keep up with a project’s daily changes.
   The PHP coders top 10 mistakes and problems
Description: Seeing the number of problems and mistakes PHP coders encounter repeatedly I set out to make this list of the 10 most common problems and mistakes done by PHP coders.
   Configuration Management
Description: The mangement of software development projects with respect to issues such as multiple developers working on the same code at the same time, targeting multiple platforms, supporting multiple versions, and controlling the status of code.
   Aspect-oriented Software Development and PHP
Description: Aspect Oriented Software Development (AOSD) is a methodology meant to implement new aspects in software component using external components, but without altering the code that implements the core functionality. The AOSD concept was applied originally by Java developers. They developed a compiler that implements the AOP (Aspect-Oriented Programming, an implementation of AOSD) white box approach, i.e. the compiler the merges the code that implements the software components core functionality with the necessary code alterations to implement the new aspects where necessary. This paper provides an introduction into the paradigm of aspect-oriented software development (AOSD). It includes a multitude of practical examples, provided with a view to objectify such abstract approach as AOSD, as well as to help the reader easily grasp its essence and advantages. The paper is primarily intended for programmers working with PHP. Its aim is to demonstrate a way of applying AOSD in PHP-based project
   Building Modular XHTML Web Pages with PHP
Description: Learn how to use PHP to separate the different elements that make up a well designed and valid Web page into its component parts and have these parts adapt in certain powerful ways. These components correlate almost exactly with the modular design of XHTML itself. Covers the key differences between HTML and XHTML, the HTTP protocol, content negotiation and MIME types, returning the correct DOCTYPE declaration, building custom metadata in the <head> section of each document, extracting navigation elements and content from a MySQL database, markup functions, and finally closing page elements. The series concludes with a sample page that demonstrates all the key aspects. Full annotated source code is provided throughout.
   Dating Scripts
Description: Information, listings, blogs, discussions about Dating Scripts, Dating Software, Matchmaking Software, Matchmaker Software.
   Marketing manu scripts
Description: A collection of techniques that Mark Joyner has tested and perfected. Just one technique can increase your Internet sales by 32%. Jay Conrad Levinson said hed easily pay $2,000 or more for this document. He said "every page was a true revelation." Joe Vitale said everyone selling *anything* on the Net should keep a copy of this on their desk.

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