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   BrowserObject 2.0.0 PHP
Description: BrowserObject is a server-side browser detection tool. You can easily applied BrowserObject into your web applications to capture your visitors information and store them in a database. BrowserObject is working with all default browsers, mobile devices, search engine bots or crawlers. BrowserObject detects all kind of browser information such as: • Browser Name • Browser Version • Major Version • Minor Version • Mouse Over • Cookies Enabled • SSL Supported • SSL Key Size • Firewall • Popups Blocked • Opened Ports • Image Enabled • Screen Width & Height • Font Size • Fonts Installed • Flash Installed • Acrobat Reader Installed • Silverlight Installed • QuickTime installed • RealPlayer Installed • Windows Media Player Installed • Connection Type • Device Model • Platform • .NET Version • JavaScript Enabled • VBScript Enabled • System & User Language • Time Zone. Wait no more and download our FREE 30days trial now!
   Authorize.net AIM Class
Description: This class will process the information through authorize.net payment gateway and process success or error codes. Simple to use and does not save any information through database, but it can be adapted for that.
   PHP Scripts like Myspace, Youtube or Facebook
Description: Libraries and Classes for PHP Scripts like Myspace, Youtube or Facebook, Start with a base script you can get the source code too then develop your functions. Social Groupie is like Facebook, Datecomm is like myspace, VideosBroadcastYourself is like Youtube, created in php, mysql and ajax allows you to develop whatever you dream up, we have php coders available if you need them. We cater to developers with source code packs and bulk discounts, hosted solutions available
   Mutex Class
Description: In situations where multiple processes or applications are sharing a common resource you will have the problem that you will want only one of them accessing / modifying that source at the time. This is also known as a concurrency problem. A mutex lock solves this problem for you. What it does: it creates a record indicating that for the unique name you passed, a lock has been given. This unique name represents a process or thread or application that can be running multiple times simultaneously. So, during the time it has the lock, no other lock with that name will be given which enforces the exclusivity. The class comes bundles with a storage-adapter class and a mysql-storage class that implements this adapter. But you can easily integrate a self-built storage class that uses another database or even flat-file system.
   DTE - Devon Template Engine
Description: DTE is Devon Template Engine based on PHP5 (OOP) and is designed to be fast and simple. Supported: display, fetch, rendering, helpers, i18n etc. DTE is very fast.
   PHPCache, a simple, powerful object caching solution
Description: If you have a dynamic website, written in PHP and your site is slow then this solution might help you. Some times you have to have some slow query then process the result afterwards which makes the whole thing even slower.
   KML Creator
Description: This package can be used to generate mapping features files in the KML format. It provides several classes that abstract different types of map features such as folders, documents, place marks, points, lines, polygons, styles, icons, labels, etc.. The main class can compose a KML document using objects of the map feature classes and generate a KML file either in plain XML or compressed format.
Description: SithTemplate is a text-based, general-purpose template engine for PHP5, with Django-compatible syntax. Its aiming to be fast and simple to integrate, while providing powerful Reflection-based extensions mechanism.
   Tarzan: Amazon Web Services made easier!
Description: 100% complete support for S3, CloudFront, EC2, SimpleDB, SQS, and Amazon Associates. Support for MultiCurl allows for fast batch operations. Provides a caching layer for speeding up frequently accessed operations. Well documented and well supported. Requires PHP 5.1.4+, cURL 7.15+, and SimpleXML.

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