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Script Category
   Hazard Language Redirection
Description: Hazard Language Redirection is a language redirection script. When the script is called, it detects the default language of the browser and redirects it to the specified page.
   Bizzar IP Redirection
Description: This is perfect for an intranet (thats what I used it for, but it has many applications). This script is meant to redirect people to any website based on their local IP address. It works by identifying the 4 parts of an ip address, assigning them to a variable, and allows you to put if/then statements against those variables. You can also do ranges in the event you have a block of ip addresses that you want to redirect by.
   Auto Redirect
Description: This redirection script can redirect your visitor simply to the page you want, or can redirect to different pages according to the browser. Or even can load different css file for same page in case of different browsers. Thus it can ensure the best appearance of your site to all the browsers.
   Ez Age Redirector
Description: A PHP Script that redirects a user to specified URLs if the age is below or above the specified limit.
   Power Redirector
Description: Power Redirector redirects your traffic the way you see fit. Filter visitors based on IP, IP-range, country, language, user-agent / browser, referrer, keywords, phrases proxies or any combination and redirect them to any url you want. Includes a daily updated ip-to-country database to ensure you have the most up-to-date country information. Its possible to integrate Power Redirector through your .htaccess file. The second way to integrate Power Redirector is to include the redirecting file in a page. When Power Redirector is integrated, you can start adding rules. Power Redirector uses a rule-based setup, which means that all requests are checked against the first rule, and if not caught by the first rule it will go on to the second etcetera. If no matching rules have been found, no action will be taken and the user will be sent to the requested page. Demo available.
   Language Redirector
Description: It detects the users prefered language and redirects him to a specified target. You can specify up to 10 languages. You can also set a standard language which will be used if no matching user language where found. A full setup-script is included.
   Target Country by IP Address
Description: Target Country by IP Address is a complete web-based software that provides webmasters with the ability to redirect/restrict traffic based on the visitors country of origin.This allows webmasters to promote their services and products in different countries where they have specific distribution and service capabilities in different countries.
Description: ip2nation provides you with a table containing data needed to determine to which country an IP belong. This data is gathered from RIPE, ARIN and APNIC and updated monthly. It is also optimized for increased speed when querying. And all for free, along with a couple of code samples.
   IP Detect
Description: IP Detect monitors all incoming traffic. If a redirection URL is set up for Germany*, it will redirect all German* visitors to a different URL before your website loads (* Germany is used as an example, you can setup redirection URLs for any country). Your website will load as usual if theres no redirection set up for the visitors country. IP Detect uses an IP 2 Country database with more than 50,000 entries to decide where a visitor is coming from.

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