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123 Webmessenger Integration with Wordpress, weekly successful integration case

Date: July 12th, 2013

WordPress, known as a remarkable web software with which a beautiful website or blog can be created, has been chosen by more and more webmasters.

How compatible 123Webmessenger is in terms of user login, profile and avatar for WordPress users? Well, a decent customer example is more than a thousand words. We just got one fulfilled last week so why not check it out!

Click here to check the interface.

Login first

Before you login as a member, the Webmessenger is not shown on the page; You will be asked to login first to use it; It is a practical way to keep and boost your site traffic.

Now login with the testing account, mariarita/ XGHhu26QdCAn

You will be directed to the member center area.


Now check the bottom of the page and you will find the Webmessenger bar appearing; what is more fantastic is that you are automatically signed in now there!

One to One Integration

And, if you already have buddy list available in your database for your users, they can be transferred to the Webmessenger as well.

Customizable Skin and Avatars

You can also request to customize the skin and avatars to make your own Webmessenger outstanding!

We can help you to make the setup and integration freely; And we will provide technical assistance should you have any questions for this work; Now write to to send your request!

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